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This Is My Nightmare

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What's behind that "End the Rape Culture Hysteria" article? A masterfully engineered, big business funded, ideological assault on our nation's minds that's been going on for decades.


So it turns out that Time magazine’s anti-existence of rape culture piece (It’s Time to End “Rape Culture” Hysteria) was written by a research associate for American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank. And guess what’s pretty interesting about this think…

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on thanksgiving I weighed 175… starting off new years back at 165.  Guess I’ve been moving around a bit more at work and such :)

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Dave Chappelle Didn’t Melt Down




I just watched Dave Chappelle quit stand up. Out in the Comcast Theater in Hartford, Connecticut, shivering in the open air, I can’t think that this is anything else. I felt this coming just five minutes after the silver curtain had dropped dramatically, by which point the former Comedy Central star had barely gotten any jokes out. We all knew it was five minutes because, with an edge in his voice, Chappelle had ticked off the time.

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Believe it or not, George isn’t at Home — Junior Battles

I’m so glad I get to see this band again soon
Probably one of my Fest highlights of last year, maybe even best set?

Also new record ahhhhhhh

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